Beyond the Mountains, 2009


Western and Eastern theater traditions converge in this dance play by poet Kenneth Rexroth and directed by Alexandra Siladi about the last remaining family of the Greek empire. Bactrian Greece is being invaded by barbarian forces, but self-destruction arrives first. Told in modern prose with a basis in Noh, UCLA theater students perform in an array of styles, experimenting with movement and song, and focusing on the use of the mask in inhabiting the souls of the characters and their doubles.

BEYOND THE MOUTAINS was performed March 5, 2009 at the Fowler Museum at UCLA (UCLA North Campus, Los Angeles)

Directed by Alexandra Siladi

Starring: Caitlyn Tella, Kevin Railsback, Kate Duncan, Taya Kenny, Kaitlyn Daly, Miles Marsico, Stephanie Kane

Lighting Design: Darren Rezowalli

Mask Design: Emarie Kohlmoos