Passing Through: Room 603, April 2013

Featuring material from Hotel Room created by David Lynch & Monty Montgomery

Tricks & Blackout by Barry Gifford

Getting Rid of Robert by Jay McInerney

Starring Shane Jensen, Rachel Napoleon, Brandon Johnson, Michelangelo Milano, Dakota Goldhor, Rachel Lin, Tyler McClain, Alex Grubbs, Isabelle Boulton, Hannah Gross, Jimmy Dailey

Presented by Access Theater & The Dirty Blondes

Associate Producers for Access Theater: Jacqueline Christy (Artistic Director) & Jean Marie McKee (Managing Director)

Directed, Produced, & Set Designed by Alexandra Siladi & Shane Jensen

Stage Manager: Jon Friestedt

Lighting Design by John Wilder

Sound Design by Mark Sanders

Live Music by Canelle Boughton

Costume Design by Nora Bussolari

Pre-show sponsored by Java Distribution: David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee.

Passing Through: Room 603 was performed April 10-14, 2013 at the Access Theater (380 Broadway)