Alexandra Siladi is Artistic Director of Black Lodge Theater. A graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television, works that she directed, produced, designed, and developed have been seen in New York at the Bleecker Street Theater, JACK NYC, Galapagos Art Space, The Access Theater, The Brick Theater, The Silent Barn, and The Collapsable Hole.  She started her career in theater working on productions with Theater for a New Audience, The Wooster Group, Incubator Arts Project, and The Westport Country Playhouse. In LA, she was an Associate Producer with The People's Theater, finding locations for site-specific, collaborative, dinner theater works. She's currently working on the world-premiere of author Barry Gifford's Do the Blind Dream? A fundraiser was recently held for the project at Anthology Film Archives hosted by VICE. The production is planned to premiere in fall 2016. Along with set designing every show, Alexandra designed the marketing materials for all theatrical productions and had collage and video works shown at the Pen & Brush Gallery (NYC). In addition to her creative work, Alexandra has worked in development-based positions at premier cultural organizations across New York City, including BAM, Museum of the Moving Image, The New York Public Library, and Nitehawk Cinema.


I strive to keep dramatic interpretation in line with the current human condition: to create productions that are relevant to rapid fluctuations in self-perception and inventions of identity. The work I produce falls in the cracks between waking and dreaming, rooted in ideals of surrealism with a minimalist aesthetic focusing on the performer.  My passion is to find a new context for recognizable stories. In retelling myths there is fluidity and evolution. My mission is to expand and enhance the sacred aspects of performance while exploiting the absurdities of reality.